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Your spotlight on local services

Healthwatch Hackney issues position statement on NEL STP


Healthwatch Hackney has issued the following statement outlining its position on the North East London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (NEL STP).

Healthwatch Hackney is your local health and care watchdog. We are independent champions for residents and others who use health and care services in Hackney.

We ensure the voices of people across the borough are heard and are used to influence decision makers.

Healthwatch in North East London have been asked to hold meetings and gather local people’s views on the NHS Sustainability and Transformation plan for our area, also know as the NEL STP.

We are holding an open public meeting in Hackney on 16 February to find out what local people feel about the plans.

Healthwatch Hackney exists to make sure patients’ voices are heard and patients are involved as equal partners in plans for Hackney’s health and care services.

Our position on the North East London (NEL) STP:

  • We do not endorse the North East London  STP
  • We are concerned the NEL STP has been presented as a ‘bottom up’ change when in fact it is ‘top-down’.
  • Patients and residents have a right to know what is being planned for their local health services and how these will change
  • We urge local all NHS leaders within the NEL areas to be completely transparent about how their plans will change local health services
  • We urge all NHS leaders within the NEL area to explain how the plans will affect A&E departments, hospital bed numbers, GP numbers and mental health inpatient and community based care
  • We expect patients and residents to be treated as equal partners in planning local health and care services